Thirteen Powers of A Witch

The thirteen powers of a witch are as the sacred text follows;

Thirteen Powers of a Witch

Thirteen powers do the Witches claim
their right of lineage by Goddess’s* name.
Tie a knot and say the words
or hand on head – the blessing conferred.
A Witch can give success in love
curse or bless through God/dess above.
Speak to beasts and spirits alike
command the weather, cast out a blight.
Read the heavens and stars of the night
divine the future and give good advice.
Conjure treasure and bring fortune to bear
heal the sick and kill despair

This is my birthright to have and to share
blessings you, (the person’s name),
may the spirits be fair.

I will post the interpretation of this next. 🙂 Blessed Be


About ladyvictorian1700

Well now. Hello! =D My name is Sirrani Dobrev, I am 15 but am extremely mature for my years. As a younger child, and even now, I've always been a bit on the quiet side. In school, I am a huge nerd, but that's how I like being. I am incredibly spiritual and follow Paganism, some aspects of Buddhism, and am considered Wiccan. Of course, I am openly Wiccan, but prefer the term Pagan, only because people are afraid of what the do not know, and so to call myself Wiccan as opposed to Pagan will give them Hollywood stereotypes. Anyway, my blog will be rather random at times. Sometimes I'll speak of being spiritual, sometimes I'll speak of absolutely nothing. It all depends on mood. I do update at least three times a week (it is my goal!!) Blessed be :) )O(
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